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Tactical Fitness Programs

This is a collection of tactical fitness programs that I created and tested while serving on the staff of the U. S. Naval Academy.  Included is the 12 Week SEAL Screener PT Program, the 6 Week US Navy PRT Program and the 14 Week USMC PFT Program,  They are available for free download.  Enjoy and share. SEAL Screener PT Program           […]

Run Program Design Book

This E-book is a basic overview of designing basic run training programs.  It includes sample programs for various race distances.

Other Fitness Programs

  Escape From the Gym 24 strength and conditioning workouts that you can perform with minimal equipment. Run Training Programming This is a basic E-book explaining the basics of how to program run training programs.  It includes sample programs for various race distances.  You can download it free here.   USNA 100 Pushups Program This is the basic program I developed at the U. S. […]

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New Book:  Escape From the Gym

New Book: Escape From the Gym

Suzanne and I wrote a book with 100 unique workouts using only 3 tools (pullup bar, kettlebell, and figure 8 resistance tubing). The workouts are done 2-3 days per week for 30 minutes. This is a fundraiser for LEAN 4 VETS, an organization promoting healthy lifestyles for veterans. The book is a free download (PDF) but we ask that you consider a $10 donation. We […]

Specialization VS Transfer

Specialization VS Transfer

One of the primary areas of confusion in strength and conditioning programming is specialization VS transfer. Transfer is the degree to which strength and conditioning in the gym transfers to the field of play or to real life activities. Specialization is to focus your training on a specific lift, or a few specific lifts. A powerlifting program would be an example of specialization, due to […]

Minimalism and the Sunk Cost Fallacy

Minimalism and the Sunk Cost Fallacy

This is a short discussion about a simple misconception that most people have about selling an item that you no longer need for a loss.  Most of us, me included, often have some discomfort in doing this, but it is mainly because we fall prey to the Sunk Cost Fallacy.   Understanding the Sunk Cost Fallacy will help you to resolve this discomfort and more easily […]

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