Tactical Fitness Programs

This is a collection of tactical fitness programs that I created and tested while serving on the staff of the U. S. Naval Academy.  Included is the 12 Week SEAL Screener PT Program, the 6 Week US Navy PRT Program and the 14 Week USMC PFT Program,  They are available for free download.  Enjoy and share.

SEAL Screener PT Program











This is a 12 week program to prepare Midshipmen for the U.S. Naval Academy SEAL Screener

U. S. Navy PRT Program

This is a 6 week program to prepare for the U. S. Navy Physical Readiness Test.

USMC PFT Program

This is a 9 week program to prepare for the USMC Physical Fitness Test.


This is an E-book that discusses the scientific research on load bearing march (ruck) performance and includes two sample ruck training programs.

This is a simple, day to day training template for the tactical athlete.  It balances strength, endurance and conditioning into a simple, sustainable template.  This is the kind of template that can sustain your training for years.